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Restoring Balance In An Overfilled Calendar

As busy entrepreneurs, every day we are filled with lots of choices that we have to make about how we are going to fill up our time. Instead of being strategic, We tend to treat our time as if we are eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet. We slowly make our way through life piling things on to our plate, then when it comes time to eat, we wonder how our plate got so full. In this week’s episode, I shared why we {unintentionally} do this,and what to do instead to make sure that we sit down to a balanced plate.

Are you being irresponsible? Check Your To-Do List

A To do list is often a list of should-do items. It’s filled with all the things that we feel like we need to do to get the results we want. And because there’s so many expectations and judgements built into the list, we weaponize it against ourselves. Our ability to accomplish the tasks on the list becomes a measure of our own self-worth. In this episode, Danielle turns creating a To-Do list on its head and shares how being irresponsible may be the best thing for you and your business.

Recovering From A Failed Launch

Bonus Episode: unedited & honest

This episode was recorded while Danielle was in the middle of a “failed” launch. She reveals what she’s really feeling and thinking as she experiences the disappointment of a launch that didn’t go as planned. Danielle also shares what it means to allow emotions, why it’s important to lean into the hard emotions, and how to recover from them to start moving forward.

How to Use Time Blocking To Accomplish More Each Day

In this episode, Danielle discusses one of her favorite productivity hacks - time blocking. She defines what time blocking is, why it’s effective, and her step-by-step process for doing it each week. Plus she shares what trips most people up when they implement time blocking and a few extra tips to make the most out of this practice.

My Honest Assessment of the Coaching Industry

Life Coaching is a bit of a controversial industry. Some people people think it’s filled with charlatans who sell snake oil. There are also a lot of people who have had life changing transformations after working with a life coach. Today Danielle shares her honest assessment of the life coaching industry. She shares both her specific concerns and her #1 tip to make sure that working with a coach is a powerful, transformative experience.

Goals Are Worth More Than The Results They Create

The importance of goals is not what we get the moment we reach them. Learn the importance of who we become in the process of pursuing goals and how it develops the character traits we need in order to achieve the success we desire.

5 Steps to Making Aligned Decisions (Even When All the Options Suck)

Discover the 5 step process for making aligned decisions and the self-coaching questions we can ask ourselves. These thought-provoking questions will give a deeper understanding of what we truly desire so that we can make the best possible choice, even if those options are less than ideal.

How to Handle Unexpected Change

Learn the 4 emotional stages we go through when facing an unwanted change. Combining self-development with practical, actionable insights, you’ll discover how unexpected change can be a catalyst to stepping into the next best version of yourself.

4 Questions to Answer Before Investing in a Course, Group Coaching, or Membership

Learn the 4 questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves before they invest in a course, group coaching or high-end membership program. These questions will make sure that they are making the right choices for both their business and their pocketbook.

Setting a Vision to Achieve Success

A vision is more than our product offerings and revenue goals. Success in business begins with having a clear vision but most entrepreneurs skip this important step. Those that do take the time to set a Vision, often don’t realize that they’re missing a critical piece that directly impacts their ability to achieve success. Learn what most entrepreneurs get wrong when they set a Vision and what to do instead that makes achieving success easier.

Trusting Your Intuition When it Tells You to Scale Back

Bonus Episode: unedited & honest

When it comes to making decisions and taking action, trust your intuition to be your guide.

F*ck Resolutions. Set a Vision Instead

Ever wondered why 92% of people fail to accomplish their resolutions? In this episode Danielle discusses why resolutions don’t work and why the real secret to success comes from setting a Vision. You’ll learn why goals are better than resolutions. You’ll also discover the 2 different types of Visions entrepreneurs should create for themselves before they begin the process of choosing and pursuing their goals.

Looking Back to Prepare for the Future

New Years Eve is an opportunity to reflect back on the past 12 months in your business. It’s the perfect time to consider what worked, what didn’t, what lessons were learned, and to embrace gratitude for all of it. In this episode, Danielle shares her 4 step process for reviewing the past year in preparation for getting a fresh start on January 1st.

3 Steps to Prepare for Vacations, Holidays, and Time Away From Your Business

This episode discusses the 3 steps entrepreneurs can take to prepare themselves and their business for those times when they want to take a vacation, celebrate the holidays or step away for a short period.

How to Move Through Grief & Restore Peace

It's rare that as a collective society we all experience the same experience at the same time. We’re not really taught how to deal with difficult emotions. Grief is no different. With a little bit of understanding, we can move through grief and come out the other side more resilient. It will never be easy, but it can be easier. This episode covers how to move past grief and rediscover peace.

Is Tolerable Discomfort Preventing Your Success?

Entrepreneurship is a growing experience on a personal level. Our ability to feel discomfort and take intentional action anyway is directly tied to our ability to achieve the results we want. Learn the important questions you can ask yourself to see if your willingness to accept tolerable discomfort is preventing you from achieving your business success.

Lessons on Gratitude from Brené Brown

One of these essential CEO mindset habits is to regularly practice gratitude. To help explain what gratitude is and why it is one of the essential habits for your mental and emotional well being, I turned to the book The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. This episode shares the lessons Brené learned and the surprising truth her research uncovered.

Should You Run a Black Friday Sale?

With over 93 million people shopping online on Black Friday 2019, some experts will tell you that you’re missing out big time if you don’t run a sale or promotion. Before you decide to jump into the Black Friday mosh pit, take a moment to consider if it's right for you and your business.

My Story

My business, and by extension the Your Excellent You podcast, came to be because 3 parts of my life converged together. I’m an entrepreneur, I’m an architect and I’m a life coach. And the way each of these influence what I have to say is, well, rather unusual.

The Power of ONE

When it comes to reaching goals, one of the best tools to use is the Power of ONE. It’s the exact strategy I used to launch this podcast from nothing to completion in 30 days working an average of 1 hour a day. In this episode, Danielle explains how to use the Power of One strategy to maximize productivity and efficiency in the pursuit of any goal.


Danielle's message is spot on with achieving goals. Not only does she practice what she preaches, but she's your guide to help YOU achieve the best version of yourself! A must listen!


Grow a biz & feel good! Danielle is really skilled at bringing both the actionable steps plus the mindset work so we can feel good as we grow our businesses while being present for our families. I look forward to listening every week!




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