9 Things Let Go Of To Fulfill Your Potential

Episode 36

Hello and welcome back, everyone. This episode is being released right after the new year where we have thrown away the old calendar and set our sights on starting fresh in a brand new year. As you look forward to what you want to create this year, I wanted to share with you nine things that you need to give up if you want to fulfill your potential.

The very first thing to give up in order to fulfill your potential is believing there is a shortcut. A recent unofficial study concluded that 67% of marketing to online entrepreneurs consisted of selling them a secret or proprietary way to get ahead quicker, faster or easier. These marketers make it sound like getting success is just like a trip to Disneyland. And all you need is that they're fastpass so you can get to the front of the line. While I love a good trick or hack to help me expedite results. What I have seen happen is many smart entrepreneurs buy into this and they end up right back where they started. But with a pocketbook that's a little bit lighter. Or even worse, some end up skipping an important business building step and have to undo all of their work and lose all that forward momentum. So this year, except that there's not a fast pass to the front of the line, there's no elevator to the top, and show up prepared to make your way to the top one step at a time.

The second thing you have to give up if you want to fulfill your potential is self doubt. Self doubt is really common in the early business building phase. But even experienced entrepreneurs can have this, especially when they branch into new areas, or create new offers. I know that self doubt showed up in a big way for me when I launched my coaching practice, despite all of my success and building a profitable business. And all of the years of experience I've had along that journey. For some reason, my brain throughout most of my wisdom and expertise, and it behaved as if I didn't know anything, I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels, because I didn't have clarity about what I should be doing, where I should be headed, and how to get where I wanted to go. See, self doubt for experienced entrepreneurs, it's really sneaky. It causes us to second guess our decisions, and convinces us that we just need to learn something else, or to try something different. Or to switch directions, it quickly puts us into a spiral of overwhelm. For all entrepreneurs, experienced and inexperienced self doubt has us assuming that there is a right or wrong way to reach success. And that if we don't find the right way, it will not work out for us and that we will fail. Even though my logical brain knew this wasn't true. For some reason, some part of me as I branched into this new direction with my coaching business, it didn't believe that self doubt got me and kept me stuck for much longer than it needed to. Not only that, but self doubt will have us overlooking all the things that we are doing right. And it focuses our attention on the things that are not going according to plan. I wish I had given it up a lot sooner.

The next thing we have to give up if we're going to fulfill our potential is expectations. There's a quote that reads, what screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be. So often we equate expectations with our standards. We can have high standards and still allow space for our greatest desires to show up in a way that is for our best and highest good. And just because our expectations are met doesn't mean that things are going right and that they're going according to plan. When we create expectations around anything, we set ourselves up for disappointment, and we close off any opportunity for the magic of life to delight and surprise us. When we release our expectations while we pursue our goals. It is amazing what things will show up that are unexpected, and will help us to get to where we want to go in a way that we could not have possibly imagined.

The fourth thing to give up in order to fulfill our potential is waiting for the perfect timing. I've watched countless entrepreneurs stall and delay their goals, waiting for things to be just right before they begin. I have coached several clients through this exact problem. But here's what I know for certain, the perfect time rarely shows up on its own, we have to either decide that the time is perfect right now to begin, or we have to begin at an imperfect time. Every day that we wait is a day longer until we achieve our desires, and we can't fulfill our potential. If we are waiting, the perfect time is an illusion. Begin where you are, because the time is now.

The next thing that we need to give up in order to fulfill our potential is limited thinking. limited thinking happens when we only think in terms of our current circumstances. We are literally limited by the facts in our life as they are right now. To make any change in our lives and ourselves and in our business, we have to have thoughts that transcend this moment. We have to think in impossibilities and we have to believe that what is impossible now will someday be possible. Well fake it till you make it is a terrible strategy, be it to you see, it is excellent. This mantra requires us to become the next best version of ourselves. And by becoming the next best version of ourselves. It requires us to think in terms of possibilities, not limitations.

The sixth thing that we need to give up in order to fulfill our potential is settling for less. Let me ask you this, where in your life are you currently tolerating something, because it's easier than taking action to change it. It's amazing how often we settle for things that we don't want, simply because it's easier than the effort required to get or create what we truly desire. This shows up all the time in our business, we trudge along with a slow computer or tolerate a VA who has a mismatched skill set, simply because it's easier in the moment to settle for what we have, even if it's not what we want. Now something to keep in mind is that accepting is not the same as settling. There will always be part of our circumstances that we don't like but cannot change. We can accept those parts of our life. While not settling in other parts of our life. There is no reward for tolerating something that we don't like and that we don't want. In order to reach our potential, we have to stop settling.

The next thing to give up in order to fulfill our potential is excuses. The interesting thing about excuses is that for high achievers, they don't feel like excuses. They show up as justified reasons to do or not do something, what's really happening is that our brain wants to stay in its comfort zone. So it will come up with a logical reason for why things can't or shouldn't change, you'll know that your brain is sabotaging your success when you feel paralyzed. And also when you fight for your limitations. When we see our justifications for what they truly are, which is our brain's primal way of keeping us safe. We can shift those ideas by putting on the lens of opportunity. When we see our excuses as opportunities to find solutions. That is when we break through our mediocrity and become exceptional.

Moving on to number eight, fear of failing. Fear is another interesting topic because it doesn't show up the way we expect. Fear is a lot like a little monster that pops up time and time again. But we often don't recognize it. Because it looks different and feels different every time it appears. What's important to know is that it's always the same monster. It's fear, but it's dressed in a different outfit. When it comes to the fear of failure. experienced entrepreneurs often don't recognize it. What it looks like is failure avoidance, we can get seduced by the idea that if we invest more time or more money, we can somehow bypass failure. And when we bypass failure, we get the outcome that we desire. But what would it look like? And how would we show up in our business if we fully embrace the possibility of failing and that it could be the best thing for us. In professional baseball players are considered good when they miss seven out of 10 pitches. That means that every 10 times at bat, they will only hit the ball. Three of those times. They don't focus on the failures. They focus on the successes and So should you, our mindset around failure can either hinder us or allow us to step into our greatness. Every time we do something new or challenging. There's only two possible outcomes. We either get the results we wanted, or the lesson we need it. But if we fear failure, we get neither of those.

And here we are with the ninth thing we need to give up if we want to fulfill our potential, and that is procrastination. Now don't get me wrong, we are all guilty of kicking the can down the road on some tasks that we really should be doing. It's only natural that each day we will have to assess our priorities for that day, and pick and choose which ones we will focus on, and which ones we're just going to put off for the future. weighing out urgent from not urgent tasks isn't the problem. Procrastination in and of itself isn't always a bad thing. It's when we find ourselves pushing out the things that matter most to us, to the point that we are not getting any further or closer to our goals. That's when it starts to be a problem. And with high achieving entrepreneurs who have success in business already, you may find yourself asking why this is even a problem because things are going really well in your business. So here's the thing. Perpetual procrastination does have a detrimental effect on us. As high achievers we are accustomed to pursuing our goals with enthusiasm. Chronic procrastination suddenly erodes our identity as an ambitious go getter. It creates an internal distrust for ourselves. Since we cannot isolate our self respect to only one area of our life, this distrust will show up in other areas. We often think that procrastination is simply delaying action or postponing something. But that's not what's really happening. When we perpetually procrastinate on our goals. In those moments, what we are really deciding is that the discomfort of staying where we are, is more tolerable than the discomfort of taking action. So often, we wait until we can no longer tolerate the discomfort of inaction before we get started. In the meantime, we've wasted a lot of time staying stuck right where we are. But here's the thing, staying stuck where we are is not more comfortable than going after our ambitious goals. It is actually very uncomfortable to settle for the status quo. But because it's a familiar discomfort, we are more inclined to choose it. In the end, we don't feel any better. And we haven't accomplished anything that we wanted to.

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Danielle's message is spot on with achieving goals. Not only does she practice what she preaches, but she's your guide to help YOU achieve the best version of yourself! A must listen!


Grow a biz & feel good! Danielle is really skilled at bringing both the actionable steps plus the mindset work so we can feel good as we grow our businesses while being present for our families. I look forward to listening every week!



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